Israel Tour Operators: Bein Harim Tourism Services

Israel Tour Operators

Israel is home to a rich culture that spans back thousands of years. Its temple mount complex, historic western wall, and Dome of the Rock shrine are among its most well-known sites.

The best israel tour operators offer a variety of tours to suit every taste and budget. From a nighttime biking ride through Jerusalem to a multiday desert adventure, these providers have you covered.

Bein Harim Tourism Services

Bein Harim Tourism Services Ltd is a prominent Israeli government licensed travel service that specializes in the planning, organization and conduct of guided tours. They employ highly experienced government licensed tour guides and offer tours in a variety of languages. They also offer special package tours and ship to shore trips. They have an extensive range of vehicles that are approved by the Ministry of Tourism to afford customers top comfort sightseeing.

The staff is great, but the tours are poorly structured. They rush you through the interesting sites and take you to their “chosen” souvenir shops. They also make you eat at their chosen restaurants that serve awful food.

Green Olive Tours

Tours of Israel peel back layers of the country’s history from its development as a high-tech powerhouse to its current challenges. Visits to Palestinian towns, refugee camps and Israeli settlements highlight the differing political and legal rights of both peoples.

I can’t thank you enough for the great trip. From the amazing tour guides, to the delicious food and wonderful hotels. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget!

I have never seen anyone give so much to a group of tourists. We all felt like family. We will recommend you to everyone! Thanks again. We can’t wait to come back!

Guided Tours Israel

There are a variety of tour companies that offer travel to Israel. However, they can vary in quality and price. In addition, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. Travellers Quest is here to help you make an informed decision by comparing prices and reading reviews.

Guided Tours Israel is a highly-regarded tour company that provides insightful itineraries and personalized service. They are committed to the safety of their guests and strive to deliver a memorable experience. From touring historic sites to hiking untouched trails, they have something for every type of adventurer. They also offer discounts throughout the year, making their tours even more affordable.

Abraham Tours

Three backpacker friends and two long-term broke-ass nomads hatched this idea back in 2010. They wanted to set up hostels and tour companies that would be the go-to for independent travelers coming to Israel. Not only would they provide affordable beds (Israel isn’t a cheap country to travel in) but also trustworthy travel information and immersive cultural experiences.

Abraham Tours offers unique regular departure day tours and package tours in Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. They also arrange private tours and transportation on request. They pride themselves on creating socially responsible tourism that supports local communities and encourages cultural exchange.

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