Israel Travel Guide – Top 5 Places to Visit on Your Israel Vacation

Israel Travel Guide – Top 5 Places to See on Your Israel Vacation

Due to 70 years of conflict, terrorism is a constant threat in Israel. While concentrated areas of terrorism exist, visitors are generally safe as long as they follow common sense guidelines.

Get a Rav Kav – Israeli’s public transportation magnetic card – as soon as you arrive and make sure to keep it with you at all times!

1. Stay in the Old City

The Old City is where you’ll find the most important and significant historic sites in Jerusalem. You’ll be able to walk around and explore all of the most interesting attractions on your own or with a guide.

One of the best times to visit Jerusalem is in autumn when temperatures are still warm but bearable and the crowds are smaller. Alternatively, springtime can also be a great time to go, especially for families with children.

The popular Dan Boutique Jerusalem Hotel offers a trendy design that has gained global recognition among young travelers and is only a twenty-minute walk from the Old City. Another option is Musrara, a historic neighborhood that’s filled with quaint buildings and a unique flair. Here you’ll find many art schools and galleries.

2. Explore Tel Aviv

With its hot artistic vibe, miles of beautiful beaches and fascinating neighborhoods, Tel Aviv deserves more attention from travelers than it usually gets. Spend a few days exploring this glam Mediterranean metropolis on your own or join a guided tour of Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

During the day, walk along the gorgeous Rothschild Boulevard to admire its Bauhaus architecture and take in the city’s bustling street life. Alternatively, explore the streets of Neve Tzedek to discover its cobblestone nooks and crannies. Lastly, check out the new Sarona Market (similar to Chelsea Market in NYC) for a day filled with food, drinks and shopping.

Many people visit Tel Aviv for its beaches and a stroll at the Hilton Beach is a great way to relax in the sun. You can also try a new water sport such as surfing or the growing sport of stand up paddleboarding.

3. Get a taste of the Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This lowest place on Earth beckons visitors with healing mineral waters, oases teeming with wild animals and world-class historical sites.

The best time to visit the Dead Sea is from April to late October (summer) or November to March (winter). Avoid visiting during Jewish holidays.

To get the most out of your experience, be sure to bring swimwear & a towel to relax in the water & lather yourself in its famous mud. It’s also important to bring something to drink, as the salty sea can sting your eyes. Remember, Israelis are direct and may speak bluntly. Be prepared to haggle – prices are always negotiable.

4. Stay in Galilee

Located in northern Israel, the Galilee is home to the Lake of Galilee (also known as Lake Kinneret) and a number of cities ringing it such as Tiberias. It’s a popular destination for Christian tours to Israel as it’s where Jesus began his ministry. Other attractions include the Mount of Beatitudes where he preached and Yardenit Baptismal Site.

The best time to visit the Galilee is in spring or fall, when temperatures are moderate. Summers can be hot and humid; winters are colder but still quite pleasant. Women visiting Israel find that locals are generally very respectful of them and it’s uncommon to receive unwanted attention, especially if you are traveling solo. This is a very communal country where people are always happy to help you.

5. Visit Eilat

Eilat is a great place to relax on the beach and take part in water centered activities. The Underwater Observatory and Dolphin Reef are both popular attractions for visitors with families.

Besides relaxing on the beaches it’s also possible to practice other water sports such as windsurfing and sailing on the Red Sea. Mosh Beach on Derekh Mitzrayim is an excellent option for those looking to enjoy a non-commercial Eilat experience with a young bohemian atmosphere.

In addition to swimming, snorkeling and shopping there are also a variety of entertainment options such as cinemas, clubs and restaurants. The King Solomon Promenade comes alive at night with fun family friendly activities, amusement rides and delicious food. It’s also worth visiting the impressive Ein Avdat National Park, peaceful Ben-Gurion’s Tomb and vast Makhtesh Ramon while in Eilat.

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